"Keepers of the Flame"

of a Liberal, Religious Community in the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota        




MARCH 2014 Weekly Services


March 2

Lay Leader: Brian Bach

Formal Service: "Reflections on Right Speech"

Ken Vogele


March 9

 Lay Leader: Mahala Bach

Discussion Service:  "The SNAP Program: Eating on $3.00 a Day"
Ken Vogele

March 16

 Lay Leader: Mahala Bach

Discussion Service: "Are Science and Religion Compatible?"
Richard Draeger

March 23

Lay Leader:  Vivian Jenkins

Formal Service:  "Celebrate the Earth in Poetry"
Carol Merwin


March 30

Lay Leader: Mahala Bach

Short Program: "Finding Meaning and Connection in Unitarian Universalism"

Mahala Bach




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